Design and manufacture of CNC router, CO2 laser machines and industrial 3D printers

CNC router and laser machines manufactured in Spain. We are a company dedicated since 2009 to the manufacture and commercialization of CNC machinery in all its specialties (CNC router and laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking). In 2015, we began manufacturing industrial 3D printers with unique characteristics in the market, completely design and made in our facilities. We can make a fully customized machine with different options adapted to your needs. We always use the best materials seeking the highest quality and finish in our products. We offer a global service comprising training, advisory services, free of charge technical support, parts replacement and tools supply.

milling machine Co2 laser cnc industrial 3d printer


CNC Bárcenas is founded  dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of CNC machinery in all its specialties (CNC router and laser CO2 cutting / engraving machines).


We started the R&D, design and manufacture of an industrial 3D printer (Discovery 3D Printer) with unique features in the market, made enterely 100% by CNC Barcenas and available for a much lower price than that of our competitors working with similar technology and quality.


Navantia entrusted CNC Bárcenas with the design, development and manufacture of an industrial 3D printer capable of manufacturing large pieces that comply with the technical specifications of its 3D Cabins project.


After a year of R&D, CNC Bárcenas innovates again by launching the new Super Discovery 3D Printer – an extra-large format 3D printer that operates with direct extrusion of granular pellets -, which places us as leaders in the large format additive manufacturing sector, focused on the large industry 4.0 and the innovative SME.


CNC Bárcenas participates as an exhibitor in the most important national and international 3D additive manufacturing exhibitions, such as ADDIT 3D in Bilbao and FormNext in Frankfurt. In these exhibitions we present all our newness to the public and international companies.


Our 3D printers are advertised in specialized professional 3D printing media, such as 3D NATIVES, a reference platform in the sector. And we have opened our RESELLER channel to expand the distribution and sale of our Discovery 3D Printers internationally.


In our continuous process of growth and improvement, always seeking to respond to the demand for new technologies and innovative products, we love being able to announce the expansion of our facilities. Twice the space to develop more, research more and manufacture more!

At CNC Bárcenas we celebrate our 10th anniversary. A decade dedicated to the manufacture of CNC machinery and 3D printers. 10 years of development, research, evolution and expansion.


CNC Bárcenas, with its industrial 3D printers, Discovery 3D Printer and Super Discovery 3D Printer, participates as an exhibitor in FEINDEF 2021, the reference fair that encompasses the Defense and Security sector in Spain, with a marked international character.


We inaugurate our new DISCOVERY UAV drone division, offering professional drone services to third parties, as well as professional training. Our new facilities of more than 43,000 m2 have rooms for theoretical training on flight, regulations, safety… For practical training and flight tests, we have a 170×30 m paved runway, as well as a 200 m hangar. m2. At the same time we became an authorized DJI dealer with an online drone store


Introducing Europe’s largest 3D printer with gantry manufactured in Spain. This printer represents a new achievement in the world of 3D printing, allowing the creation of parts with a volume of up to 3x10x2 meters in a temperature controlled environment.

fabricación fresadora y láser cnc a medida
fresadoras y láser CNC fabricación española
fresadoras y láser CNC fabricación española


Since 2009, in CNC Barcenas we have manufactured industrial high performance CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machinery and we have worked with clients in numerous special projects, designing customized machinery, parts, spares, prototypes and structures on small and large scale.
We have applied all the knowledge and experience we have gained over these years in the design and development of the Discovery 3D Printers, to build printers capable of working error free for days without stopping. Our 3D printers include interior cameras that allow remote monitoring of the manufacturing process from any device.
We are proud of our work, and each day we continue to research and test new improvements that we incorporate into our 3D printers, and we always share this knowledge with our customers.


Due to the implementation of a quality management system according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, CNC Barcenas provides consistent products and services that meet the customer’s requirements and public regulations through an approach focused on processes, which is in turn based on the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) for continuous improvement.

Together with our guarantees of quality and industrial performance of the machinery we manufacture, accredited by more than 8 years in the sector and a large number of customers of CNC machinery and significant references in 3D printing, another key element that differentiates our products is the CE (European Conformity) marking, which means that the machines have been audited by a Spanish certification authority which guarantees its conformity with European regulations, and therefore authorizing the manufacture, sale and use in any country of the European Union.

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Committed to the future and innovation

“CNC Bárcenas-Bellón works within the framework of the ICEX NexT. The ICEX NexT Export Initiation Program is supported by the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) and has been co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The purpose of this project is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment” EUROPEAN UNION. EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (ERDF) “A way to build Europe”

Company benefiting from subsidies from the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board: Adelante Comercialización Program for growth in national markets and to improve the competitive position of SMEs.

Pact for the Economic Reactivation and Employment of Castilla-La Mancha 2021-2024. Program to promote access to quality employment for young people and promote professional qualification. TO8: Obtain quality training and employment. Grants for the formalization of training contracts to obtain professional practice. The ESF invests in your future. European Social Fund, Youth Employment Initiative. European Union.

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