Automatic tool change systems

With our systems of automatic change of tools, milling works will be much faster and more efficient, not having to change the milling cutter manually during machining. This system allows to create the designs with the tools already defined. It can be installed in the milling machine’s gantry, mounting several engines, or by a rear system with multiple milling cutter holders ready for use. Like all our products, they can be custom designed and manufactured. Ask us about it.

cambio herramientas fresadora

Installed in the gantry of the milling machine: This automatic tool change system allows to use, in the same milling work, two or more tools, each one installed in a spindle.

cambio automático de herramientas

Built into the rear of the milling machine: this automatic tool change allows you to use from 4 to 10 or even more milling cutters. The change between them is automatic during the work. Watch this example video.

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