HYBRID - CO2 LASER . Cutting metal, plastic and wood.

Thanks to its great power and size it is able to cut wood and plastics with great thickness, as well as metal in sheets of large format material. High precision cuts without any burnt material residues.

Model: Hybrid. CO2 laser cutting metal, plastic and wood.

Work area XYZ: 1300 x 2500 x 35 mm.

Laser power: 260 W.

Material thickness:

  • Metal: Up to 1 mm.
  • Wood: 15-20 mm.
  • Plastic: 25-30 mm.


  • Easy axis positioning with laser pointer.
  • Knife designed table with high resistance.
  • High quality servo motors system.
  • Auto focus system.
  • RDWorks Laser V8 software, compatible with Corel, Autocad, Illustrator…
  • Integrated CNC control.
  • Constant tube cooling by independent cooler.
  • Includes membrane compressor to avoid the flame when cutting.

CO2 laser video

CO2 laser sample cut on metal. Clean, fast and perfect cut.

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