SW2040H Large format milling machine. Special Z of 1200 mm with the possibility of INTERPOLATED ROTARY Z AXIS

special Z milling machines

Special Z milling machine with possibility of installing an interpolated rotary Z axis. Created following the client’s special requirements regarding the height of the Z axis, which reaches 1200 mm. It allows milling high-rise materials, achieving a large total volume of work. Capable of working in 2D and 3D works of cuts, engravings, reliefs … on materials such as wood, resins, plastics, FOAM… In this video, you can see the axis of this CNC milling machine with special Z height.

fresadora gran formato

Its height of 1200 mm on the Z axis allows large volume work.

Z axis motion video.


Thanks to the Z axis with interpolated rotation, it is possible to create highly complex parts working in an arc of -90 to 90 degrees. This 4-axis CNC machining center is perfect for sectors where large-volume parts need to be processed, such as naval, aerospace, industrial… It is possible to adapt it to the needs of measurement and volume of work of the client.

You can see here a video of a real machining of our 4 interpolated rotary axis.


Interpolated rotary Z axis

4th interpolated rotary Z axis

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