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We manufacture customized milling machines according to your needs: automatic tool change, special measures on the axis, motor with 90º rotation… Everything you need to adapt your new milling machine to your real productive needs.

fresadora con altura especial de Z
Fresadora con motor 90º

CNC milling machines for carpenters, sign makers, metal milling, corporeal letters...

Robust, high quality and performance machinery, designed and manufactured for the most demanding industrial sectors. We customize our manufacturing according to the needs of the client. Maximum quality and guarantee.

CO2 laser ideal for cutting and engraving of methacrylate or wood, marble photoengraving...

CO2 laser for engravings and cutting. Its simple handling and high quality make it perfect for all sectors such as sign makers, architects, fab labs, stonemasons, etc.

Fiber laser for high speed marking on plastics and metals.

It includes, in a work unit, everything you need to start using it. It has several accessories and configuration options adapted to each sector. Ask us and we will help you choose. Easy-to-use software that will facilitate your work.

fresadora cnc

CNC Milling Maching

We have standard sizes for regular boards and sheets. In addition, we can manufacture them with the options you require, for example with special measures on all axes, from small precision milling machines to large milling machines for the industry. Ask us for a free quote, we will adapt the CNC router to your real productive needs.

laser co2

CO2 Laser

We have an extensive range of laser machinery for cutting, engraving and marking. Our CO2 lasers can be equipped with custom laser tubes with different powers, depending on the operations to be performed, ask us. High speed cutting and perfect engraving resolution on a large number of materials and supports.

láser de fibra

Fiber Laser

You can make high speed and high-resolution marking on a wide variety of plastics and metals, such as ABS, PS, PET, nylon, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, copper, Inconel, etc. They are perfect for advertising and industrial sectors. Easy to use and intuitive software.

impresora 3D industrial

3D Printers

We create customized 3D printing solutions for the industry, adapted to the specific requirements of each client. The usage of state-of-the-art technology and high-performance thermoplastic materials, as well as continuous research and development, make our 3D printers the perfect choice for industry 4.0. Also check for the industrial metrology systems that we distribute.

Samples of parts manufactured with our milling machines and lasers

About us

We are a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of CNC milling machines and CO2 / fiber laser in all its variants. Since 2016 we manufacture innovative industrial 3D printers: Discovery 3D Printer, with FFF technology, and Super Discovery 3D Printer, with pellet extrusion system. Find out more about us.

Why choose us?

We offer high performance industrial CNC machinery, according to the specifications and needs of each customer. We provide a global service comprising manufacturing, sales, training and technical support. Maximum guarantee and quality for your business.

Our Customers

Our customers are our cover letter and our best reference in the market. They are the true guarantee of our quality, performance and continuity. We appreciate the trust they have given us and we look forward to also having you as part of our ecosystem. Discover our customers.