CO2 laser offer

The best quality/price option for a CO2 laser

láser co2

CO2 laser offer: model SW1290S.

XYZ work area: 1200 x 900 x 300 mm.

Maximum thickness of material: 40 cm.

  • Laser power:
    • For engravings and cuts: 60W – 100W.
    • For cuts: 100W – 130W.
  • Laser pointer for easy positioning.
  • Table prepared for cutting and engraving.
  • Stepper motors for greater accuracy.
  • Automatic height table adjustment.
  • RDWorks Laser V8 software, compatible with Corel, Autocad, Illustrator …
  • Constant tube cooling by independent chiller.
  • Includes membrane compressor to avoid the flame when cutting.
  • Minimum character size: 1mm.
  • Consumption: AC220V 50Hz. <1000W

Operation video

Cutting process with one of our CNC lasers. Work on methacrylate or transparent polypropylene form. The cut is clean and fast.

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