Milling cutter cooler

accesorio fresadora CNC vaporizador refrigerador fresa fresadora cnc

Milling cutter cooler. Vaporizer or nebulizer accessory. Autonomous unit that works with compressed air and, if required, lubricating liquid.

This accessory is necessary when cutting or engraving on materials such as aluminium, composites (alucobond, dibond), iron, etc., to prevent the milling cutter from breaking due to heating during machining work, and also to increase the milling cutter shelf life.

The accessory expels a mixture of air and lubricating liquid, adjustable at will and easy to direct to the precise place by means of a flexible tube.

The vaporizer accessory can be used only for cooling with air, without microwaving. Simply suppress the fluid intake. Its use and maintenance is simple and easy.

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