SW1325V 90º Milling Machine

Fresadora con motor 90º

Milling machine with 90º motor rotation. Specially designed milling machine capable of milling the sides of the parts without moving them from the table surface. This allows for example to work the sides of the doors (hinges, locks) or other special designs. A special development for the carpentry, joinery, modular furniture manufacturing, etc. This milling machine with 90º motor rotation is a great solution to the special work needs of furniture manufacturers.

motor 90º

Changing the normal work position at 90º is a quick and simple process.

Fresadora con motor 90º

The angle of 90º allows to work the side of the parts without moving them from the table.

soporte piezas

The supports allow machining the parts to the appropriate height, and at the same time holding the part efficiently.

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