SW1325ATC Milling Machine

automatic milling cutter change

Milling machine with automatic change for 10 milling cutters, which speeds up machining processes by eliminating the need for manual milling cutter change during the process. Its motor is designed for heavy work on non-ferrous metals, although it can also work on wood, plastics… A machine that allows production times to be shortened since its control system also allows a large number of operations to be carried out in a simple way. In addition, its milling cutter probe system allows you to calibrate milling cutters automatically.

automatic milling cutter

Its Automatic Tool Change system allows you to configure up to 10 mills in a single machining job.

completo control cnc

The Numerical Control allows, through a simple but very complete system, to carry out a large number of operations. The MPG control makes it possible to perform high precision movements.

medidor altura fresa

This milling machine with automatic tool change includes a probe that automatically adjusts the height of the milling cutters.

milling cutter change

This system facilitates the placement of milling cutters in the milling cutter holders, significantly speeding up the process.

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